Best Practices for Utilizing Conversion Metrics – TV Interviews Armando Yanez Video Transcript David McBee: Hello and welcome to TV. I am David McBee. Our guest today is Armando Yanez, President of Primary Lens. Armando's professional journey spans over a decade during which he has excelled in data analysis and marketing roles. His current initiative, Primary Lens, specializes in...

The Importance of Reach and Frequency in Marketing Campaigns

Reach and frequency are crucial elements in marketing campaigns as they directly impact the effectiveness and success of the overall strategy. The issue is that they are inverse curves of one another and an omni channel campaign that’s not setup properly could cost you time, customers, and money.

5 Strategies for Managing Online Reviews

Whether you like it or not, your business will receive reviews online. It is typically better to welcome them as feedback and develop a strategy for engaging that feedback. The way you respond to online reviews influences the perception prospects and customers have as they read them. The following are five...

Battling Bots: How to Stop Facebook ad-Click Fraud

Facebook advertising has become the go-to for small businesses looking to get their products seen by today's consumer. The company's reach is unparalleled, the platform is easy to use, and it offers ways to interact with potential customers that are lacking with Google Ads.