Streaming Audio

Streaming Audio ads reach your tuned-in audience in an immersive environment. Programmatic Streaming Audio advertising offers marketers an opportunity to connect with listeners while they’re enjoying content they already love on various audio platforms, including audiobooks, podcasts, and streaming playlists.

Audio content has been experiencing rapid growth across a variety of streaming platforms in recent years. We now have the ability to access podcasts, audiobooks, music, and playlists from anywhere through our mobile devices. This screen-free entertainment has quickly gained popularity and it’s here to stay.

In 2021, 65.3% of Americans (218.6M) listened to digital audio monthly. Our programmatic streaming audio allows you to connect with this growing audience right in their ears.

The Power of Immersive Audio

  • Access Top Publishers -We offer top-tier audio publisher inventory—including Spotify—for scalable campaigns delivered in relevant spots.
  • Ensure You’re Heard -Deliver audio ads to engaged audiences with our non-skippable audio inventory options.
  • Amplify Your Message -Reinforce your audio campaigns by delivering display creative alongside your audio ads with our Companion ads solution.


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