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Primary Lens is a dynamic collective of highly skilled digital experts who are deeply passionate about application development, marketing, and delivering exceptional customer support. Understanding your business and goals is at the core of our processes and culture. This is why every client that works with us has a dedicated team member who is committed to their success throughout the campaign and can hop on a phone call, reply to an email, or schedule a meeting to answer any questions and make things happen quickly.

Our primary mission is to drive revenue and help grow our clients’ businesses. We develop a personalized strategy for each client that aligns with their goals and fits their budget. By creating data driven multi-channel marketing campaigns, we are able to maintain optimal reach and frequency across all channels, and once we put your custom strategy into action, we continually refine and optimize your campaign to yield the best possible results. It’s as simple as that.

Most importantly, we strive to understand your business and your objectives. We then develop a custom strategy to accomplish your goals within your budget. After we execute your custom strategy, we’ll report back our findings and continue to revise and rework your campaign to achieve the best results possible. It’s that simple.


Increase Traffic

We will increase Traffic and Calls within the first 30 Days.

Fresh Concepts

We will deliver 2-3 creative concepts per month to help you reach the right audience.

No Contracts

A contract is nothing more than a license to be lazy! We are no better than our last 30 days.

Every Consultation

With Us is FREE!

Our Services

digital Marketing

Digital Advertising is omni-channel. We bring your custom audience to every platform to deliver precision messaging and offers to prospects who matter .

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing connects you to your target audience to build your brand, increase sales, & drive website traffic & conversions.

OTT & Streaming Video

OTT, & Streaming Video engineers audiences uniquely suited to our clients’ maximizing the prospect of engagement & ultimately conversions.

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Some of Our Clients Saying About Us

Our extensive expertise will make sure that yours is a SUCCESS STORY once again!

Armando and his team's innovative campaigns and unique approach to marketing have delivered results we were unable to realize before.
Alex Giannini
Blackford Dental
Only work with Armando if you want to deal with an honest, extremely knowledgeable professional. I’ve worked with Armando while at Kelley Blue Book and now at Cargigi. He has always provided great products and services and is ALWAYS available to be of assistance. We will continue to work together as long as I am in the business.
Bob Day
Day Marketing Solutions
I would endorse Armando with the highest attributes a true ecommerce professional could achieve. Armando knows a tremendous amount about the entire field from beginning to end and has the ability to handle any task that comes his way and completes it overachieving it every time. Armando is a perfectionist and his drive and discipline will take him a long way. He is a true professional.
Jeff Slaybaugh
JS Communications
Having the opportunity to know and collaborate with Armando over the years, it has been quite an educational experience to say the least. Armando is an extremely creative, outside-the-box kind of thinker and leader in every opportunity he undertakes. I highly recommend his knowledge and expertise.
Ted DuPuy
Design Build Iowa

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