New Television Data Aggregator Can Tell If You Smile!

TVision, founded in 2014, installs a small box under a homeowner’s to analyze when a consumer is in the room, smiles or loses interest while watching an ad, or looks down at a cellphone. About 500 Boston-area homes have a TVision box and receive some form of compensation from the company.

TVision software, which is a combination of Xbox Kinect and its own , reports more specific numbers to its clients so they can better target and create content that keeps viewers more attentive.

This is another example of what we discussed earlier this year when I brought you the “Television Retargeting“, but it is the first time that we are seeing the technology piggy back on 3rd party hardware such as Microsoft’s Xbox. Going forward expect to see the number of articles regarding the retargeting of consumers from digital to television and from television to continue to increase, especially with the recent announcement of mobile advertising’s growth by 2018.

If you’d like to read the entire article regarding TVision Insights, you can see it here.