Mercedes-Benz ranked #1

Everyone know the Mercedes-Benz slogan “The best or nothing.”, apparently that also applies to their too.  Last week, Ace Metrix a TV and Video analytics company, announced that Mercedes-Benz has the most effective advertising of any luxury brand in 2015.  Well, technically from January to October of 2015, but it is going to be hard for anyone to upset this apple cart in the next 60 days and Ace Metrix is confident that Mercedes-Benz is going to be holding onto their position.  MB was also named most effective automotive brand in advertising in 2014 as well and actually increased their overall score from 592 in 2014 to 599 in 2015.  The scoring system is based on an individual score for each national TV ad, and the majority of digital ads across 96 different categories which creates a comparative database.

Next a group of at least 500 consumers review all of the ads and ranks them using the same criteria.  The results are then used to generate a scale of 1 to 950 which represents the overall score based on likeability, relevance, watchability, attention, persuasion, and even desire.

Mercedes has generated content for viewers across the spectrum from their light hearted Superbowl ad where the tortoise beats the hare as a result of the AMG GT S which is as stark a contrast as possible to their “crashworthy” campaign which shows what seems like an endless barrage of  Mercedes-Benz going through crash tests.  In a crowded space Mercedes-Benz has connected with consumers on multiple levels and built on common ground with consumers.  The result is over 300,00 Mercedes-Benz sold within the first 10 months of 2015.


Here’s a look back at the tortoise commercial affectionately called “Fable”

… and here’s the montage of Mercedes-Benz crash tests also known as “Crashworthy”