Best Practices for Mobile Video Ads

Video on mobile devices has seen double digit growth this year.  Even with the smaller screen sizes when compared to a desktop and the cost of data on cellular networks, millennials are leading the pack when it comes to mobile video consumption.  In fact, 95% of these younger viewers are watching video on their mobile devices at least once a week.  In this new landscape, it is important for marketers to audit their current strategy.

Shorter Ads win!
Consumers actually ranked the length of a video over the quality of the video ad experience.  Make sure that you are 30 seconds or less.

Be Flexible – Be Everywhere!
Mobile doesn’t just mean phone.  Make sure that your content is running cross platform and most importantly segmenting audiences.

When people are viewing the same message across multiple devices through retargeting and audience segmentation, the message has a much greater potential to stick.  Today, it is all about translating your brand story across multiple devices, platforms, and mediums and video should be a staple in any campaign.

To read more about the impact of mobile video consumption by millennials check out Andrew Snyder’s recent article on AdWeek.