10 Reasons You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

The choices can be overwhelming with so many online platforms offering advertising opportunities. A business can’t possibly advertise on every platform and would be ill-advised to do so. However, if there is one place where your ads should appear, it’s on people’s Facebook feeds. Why? Here are 10 compelling reasons why your business should be advertising on Facebook.

1. Facebook Advertising Is Cost Effective

You have total control over how much you spend on a Facebook advertising campaign. There is no chance of overruns because you set a budget, and your ads will no longer be displayed when that figure is reached. Furthermore, Facebook ads are generally cheaper than Google ads.

2. Your Customers Use Facebook

According to datareportal.com, there are 2.9 billion active Facebook users, of which 193.9 million are American. That means that almost 60% of Americans have a Facebook page. Consequently, if you are U.S. based, there is an excellent chance that Facebook ads will reach the very people who are your potential customers.

3. You Can Target Specific Audiences

Unlike most other forms of advertising, Facebook allows you to target specific types of people, reaching those most likely to buy from you. For example, you can target ads by location, gender, age, interests, and job title. This high level of targeting ensures only those people most likely to buy will click on your ads, reducing the total cost of conversion.

4. It’s less Annoying Than Traditional Advertising

Online advertising can be annoying, especially when display ads are irrelevant to an individual, which is why many people now use adblockers. However, Facebook advertising is targeted and so less annoying, especially when they offer something of interest and value to the target audience.

5. You Can Retarget With Facebook Ads

You can retarget people who have already shown an interest in your brand with Facebook advertisements. For example, suppose someone visits your website or uses your mobile app. In that case, you run a Facebook ad targeting specific users. According to 99firms.com, retargeting increases conversion rates by up to 150%. Furthermore, Facebook retargeting ads cost around 50% less than standard ads.

6. Facebook Advertising Is Easy to Use

There are various ad formats to choose from and many targeting options. However, Facebook steps you through each stage of creating an ad and defining your target audience. Nevertheless, it is worth exploring all the options to ensure you get the best return on investment.

7. New Features Are Coming Online

The Facebook advertising platform is constantly evolving. Consequently, you will find new ways to reach your target audience. And you can refine your Facebook advertising strategy further to ensure the best results.

8. Increase Brand Awareness

Facebook is an excellent platform for increasing brand awareness. You can target ads toward the people you know who will be interested in your brand. And using strategies like polls, competitions, and content marketing, Facebook advertising offers the opportunity to get your brand name in front of millions of potential customers.

9. Facebook Provides Detailed Analytics

Facebook provides detailed analytics on your ad performance and social interactions, such as likes, shares, and comments. These analytics allow monitoring the performance of marketing campaigns to a level not offered by most other advertising platforms.

10. Facebook Advertising Works

Facebook advertising is effective for B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) businesses. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, Facebook is the most influential social media platform, with 52% of all purchasing decisions influenced by what people see on Facebook. Online marketers agree. A survey conducted by eMarketer found that 96% of businesses advertising on social media believe that Facebook provides the best return on investment.

Wrapping Up

Numerous social media platforms offer advertising opportunities. Some platforms might better suit your business needs because they attract a particular demographic. For example, TikTok attracts younger people. However, Facebook’s cost-effectiveness, broad reach, and targeting options make the platform hard to beat.