Facebook Takes On Pericsope by Giving iPhone Users Live Streaming

Here comes the first of what is likely to be many Live streaming showdowns.  Twitter and Periscope each have separate apps that are only available for 24 hours, but Facebook has now integrated a live streaming feature into their iPhone application that allows replays to live on permanently.

After 5 months of tweaks and slow rollouts, it looks like today Facebook is going to open its “Live” feature to all iPhone users in the U.S. When they go to share a status update, they’ll see the “Live” button next to the ones for photos, stickers, and locations.  The initial rollout of “Live” started with just big celebrities, and then rolled down to journalists, public figures, and now it looks like we can all try out the new feature.

In the end the war for mobile is going to be less about platform and more about who can convince the masses who have never jumped in front of a camera to try, and Facebook may have the upper hand there.